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    How do you import AVCHD files?

    Ken Nielsen Level 1

      I have searched these forums but do not find a direct answer to this question. Maybe it is too simple to even ask, but I am ad a dead-end with it. Hopefully this is an easy question. I have a Sony pj 230 camcorder and I plug the SD card into  my computer to download the files, of which there is only one which is called 'Private.' When I try to import that one and only file that is from my camera into Premiere it refuses and says format not supported.


      How do I get to my individual movie clips so I can bring them into Premiere?






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Just to be sure that you have completed all of the steps, have you Copied over the full folder structure from your card, to your computer's HDD?


          Then, with that folder structure (and all of the files contained within), have you used Media Browser to Import the MTS files from within the folder structure?


          Otherwise, the only possible issues, that I can think of, would be that you are trying to Import one of the non-media files, instead of the MTS files.


          Good luck,



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            Ken Nielsen Level 1

            Thanks Bill, I am using the latest version of Mountain Lion btw, so I understand that there may be some issue there, but after I posted this, I went back and double clicked on the AVCHD folder in the media browswer in Premiere Pro and it opened this time. Maybe it needed to cycle through the error messages a few times, I don't know, but now I have individual files to choose from. And yes, there was only one file on the card called 'Private,' no MTS or anything else showing. When I double click on the private folder in the media browser it opens to show two files 'Sony' which contains nothing visible, and 'AVCHD' which contained the individual clips I was after. Amazing technology, I can barely comprehend. Thanks for the quick response on this.


            Issue solved,