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    Is there a VFW or WDM frame grab plugin for Photoshop?

    Benhut1 Level 1

      I'm looking for a plugin that will allow me to capture a single frame into Photoshop from a video feed from a device using WDM or VFW (Video For Windows) drivers. I have a video device that is using WDM or VFW drivers, but no TWAIN or WIA driver is available for my device. I need to be able to capture a frame into Photoshop from my video-input device which is using a WDM or VFW driver. I'm hoping if one does exist, it is compatible with Photoshop CS1, because I'm using that older version of Photoshop, and don't plan on upgrading yet (it seems to do almost anything I'd ever need a graphics program to do). I'm not even sure such an input plugin exists, but if it does, please let me know. Thanks in advance.