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    404 Error when sending Servlet request to IIS Dispatcher


      I am configuring dispatcher in IIS. The dispatcher works fine for all pages but servlet.

      I can send request to myServlet through CQ original url successfully (http://localhost:4503/myServlet). However when I browse myServlet through IIS (, 404 error occurs.


      Following is more info:

      CQ version: 5.5

      Dispatcher version: 4.1.3

      IIS version: 7.5

      message in dispatcher log:

      Dispatcher initializing (build 4.1.3)

      farms[myApp].homepage = /content/myApp.html

      farms[myApp].cache.docroot = c:\inetpub\wwwroot

      Dispatcher initialized (build 4.1.3)

      Found farm myApp for

      checking [/myServlet]

      no cache due to missing extenson in uri: /myServlet

      cache-action for [/myServlet]: NONE

      Filter rejects GET /myServlet HTTP/1.0



      Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.