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    How is this build looking?


      Planned system, so far:




      System concerns:

      - Any dumb bottlenecks? Anything standout? What should I spend less on, what should I spend more on? Never built before. Still in research mode.

      - Motherboard going to cut it? Originally targeted this as I knew it was workable with a hackintosh setup, which I plan to install. (for this reason want to stick to intel MBs)

      - Still haven't figured out my drive situation. Do plan on having to manually back up on to multiple external HDs for storage.

      - If I want to overclock the 3770k . . . will my current config work?

      - As I understand it... GTX 660 should support thunderbolt (if I go there) with an adapter. Eventually plan on getting a higher res monitor, not sure it will be thunderbolt.



      - Chiefly photo processing (lightroom/CS6), but some HD video work with DLSR files. (figure premiere was more demanding of hardware, so posted here)

      - Will be processing canon 18mp files and Nikon d800 36mp files raw. Will be stacking multiple 36mp raw files, will be stitching multiple 36mp raw files. Figures to be my most demanding photo process.



      I'm coming from an old 2 core amd system that had 6gb ram. Only used cs5/lightroom... no video editing. Did OK with smaller 18mp files, but 36mp seriously stresses it. Needless to say... I'm used to slow. The biggest thing I want to improve is actual responsiveness of interface. It'd be nice to be able to write a file two minutes faster than I used to or whatnot, but that's not as big a deal. (remember, used to slow, not a pro... need adeqaute)


      I don't do this for a living, but am fairly serious abou my hobby. I want something that will last me 3 years or so at least. I don't see myself upgrading past the nikon d800 in that time frame. (or acquiring anything that gives me more challenging video files)

      I was all ready to get a Dell XPS 850 or something... but convinced myself that maybe this would be a better idea. So here I am.




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          RjL190365 Level 4

          If you want to overclock the CPU, choose a different, more expensive motherboard: That Gigabyte DS3H motherboard is a budget motherboard that does not have as robust of a component selection as higher-end boards. In addition, like a lot of budget Z77 boards, that board is missing a lot of the critical overclocking settings in the BIOS (for example, there is no manual CPU core voltage adjustment per se, only DVID (dynamic core voltage offset) settings, and the LLC (Load Line Calibration) isn't adjustable or selectable at all. That makes it much more difficult to achieve a stable high overclock compared to more expensive motherboards.

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            moonpeep Level 1

            Thanks, RjL


            Back to the drawing board, perhaps, on the motherboard. Will try to pick out another one and update shortly.


            Although I suppose I should be sure I actually want to overclock... just figured that'd be a nice ability to have.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              If you really want thunderbolt go with a motherboard that has it on the built in like the GA-Z77X-UP4 TH.  I would drop back to the Coolermaster Hyper 212+ EVO CPU cooler as it is almost as good as your selection and only half the price an much, much easier to work around but add the second fan to it for push-pull air flow.  Also if you can squeeze it into your budget go for a gold rated power supply, better regulation and efficiency.  I am running a gigabyte based dual-boot Hackintosh similar to this (slightly earlier vintage) myself.at an easy 4.2 GHz.


              You need more than one disk drive and if using WD drives go with the black

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                moonpeep Level 1

                Ok, updated parts list. Upgraded mobo and gold rated 720 super-sup. (don't know if 720 is overkill or not -- can't hurt)




                Still trying to figure out what to do hard drive wise. Have listed a couple toishiba 7200/2TB as they were seemingly rated as well as other HDs in that class. Was going to use a couple 2TB drives in raid 1, and then a samsung pro 256 SD. At least to start.  Will add from there. Don't know if I'll be able to get away with multiple OS boots from 1 256gb SD drive or not, may be pushing it.


                Think I'll skip worrying about thunderbolt for now, do believe there is an adapter that would get me there if I needed to anyway with this setup.


                Looks like my price point has shifted to the 1500 range with this current config.