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    Saving final edits.


      I have completed two major edits of 1.30 hrs duration in AVCHD on Ver 11PE. I have burnt DVD's which are not full HD of course but wish to retain the orginal edits for when I purchase a BLU RAY player such that I can replay in full HD

      I have saved them on a dedicated archive external drive. My question is, do those saved programmes still rely on my orginal raw material stored on the desktop to replay/burn the programmes or can I now delete them to clear the decks for my next edit?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It depends on the Save method utilized.


          If you ONLY did a Save, Save_As, or Save_As_a_Copy, for the Project's PREL, then you WILL need the original media files, and if they have been Moved, or perhaps Renamed, you will need to relink those media files.


          If you used File>Project Archiver, then you will have also Copied your media files, along with the PREL. I do recommend testing all Archived Projects, just to make sure that PrE was able to gather up all used media files, as I have seen instances, where, due to the folder structure where the media files were located, some do not get Copied. It will depend on the folder structure that one sets up, when they start a Project.


          Good luck,



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            jivebuck Level 1

            Many Thanks Bill just the info I required. I feel that should be highlighted in the manual. I shall follow it up.

            Yours in thanks

            Mike Owens