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    Premiere Pro CC Projects Will Not Be Backward Compatable

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      This may have been mentioned before, but I have looked through the first two pages without finding a reference.  I'm trawling through the CC FAQ, and find lots of answers to questions I was not sure about, but one of the questions is 'Which CC applications support export to CS6?'.  The short list of apps that follow does not include Premiere Pro.  It seems to me that that also means that if you try the CC for the discounted first year, and decide it isn't right for you, any projects you develop in Premiere Pro CC during that year, can not be taken back to Premiere Pro CS6 for further work.  I guess you can import the entire project exported from PP CC, and edit that, but that is not going to be convenient with a multi track, complex project.   Am I not thinking this through correctly?  (Sorry, the forum won't let me paste the link)