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    Voice Over?


      Im trying to do voice over directly onto the timeline.


      I changed the audio Hardware-Default Device device to C-media USB Audio Device, which is a Rode NTG-2 mic conected by USB cable into the computer.


      I also changes the Audio output mapping to  C-media USB Audio Device.


      It worked but i could not monitor levels before recording and durinf recording.Also i lose all audio playback untill i reset Audio Hardware and Audio Output mapping back to System defult imput/output, to get audio to playback.


      Do just need toi keep changing settings and resitting setting to do voice overs?


      Is my problem comming form the way i have my mic conected to computer? Do i need some kind of an audio mixer?





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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          This one made me look. I use a Rode Podcaster.


          I change my ASIO settings to check the box next to Microphone for input and I leave my output on Speakers unless I connect my headphones to the microphones headphone jack (which I do if it is an important voiceover and not just a simple tutorial.


          If I leave the Speakers setting to my speakers, then I need to mute the speakers while I record or I will hear myself in the speakers. Not a good thing.


          I see the levels when I record this way.


          I don't know if this helps you but perhaps we can dig deeper into this if you wish.




          I meant to say that I connect my headphones directly to the microphone.


          Also, the Rode doesn't pick up the speakers very well so I have to raise the level by 18dB just to let you hear the playback and it was still pretty low. The Rode Podcaster is a great microphone in that you have to speak directly into it or it won't pick up your voice very well. That means it doesn't pickup background noise either.