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    M2T missing audio in CS6 prem pro


      Hi can any one help: I use a data video DN60 on a Canon XLh1a, the bins are coped on to the hard drive and imported in to prem pro using the media browser, some of the clips have audio missing some times all of the audio or just part of it, also some times some of the video is missing with prem pro giving a MPG decode error massage, I have searched the forum and most of the comments seem to refer  to CS 5.5. this is the first time I have used the data video DN60, most of the time a have captured via tape, with no problems with sound but have had the MPG decode error massage. All the files play back using windows player with no problems.


      System info:

      operating system windows 7 64-bit

      processor Intel i7

      memory 16 GB