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    Lyndon 49

      When I create a path in CS6 and then go to fill selection with foreground colour it leaves the path unfilled but fills the rest of the document, as if inverted, I do have subtract front shape selected, how do I overcome this so that only the selected path fills.

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          conroy Level 5



          Are you serious?


          You make a point of stating that you are using "Subtract Front Shape" but want the inverse result of what it is correctly producing.


          Try the alternative combining-modes!

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            A path is not a selection but you can change a path into a selection and fill the selection.  There is even an icon in the bottom of the paths palette that you can use to make a selection for the path.



            What you filled may have been a layer or some other target that fill you used was for. Again a Path is not a selection.