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    'Save to web' and colour issues in  PS Touch ?


      Thanks to those helping on my last query.


      One other thing I have been unable to see, is how I can maybe 'save to web', similar to that in the full Elements program. A very handy feature that I thus far cannot track down in the Touch program.

      Possibly it is not an included feature, as I am sure there had to be many cut backs to facilitate the price of the touch program.


      I am using the 'fill' facility for the background to obtain the colour as near to my website that I can get.  The annoying thing is that when I format the next image on my list, the colour I selected previously is no longer listed, therefore having to use the slider to get to the colour again.


      Is there any way I can save my colours, or better still use 'web' colours?


      I think the web colours thing in Elements is so that the colour is the same when viewed from any monitor, for example a customer viewing my website? Or of course I may be very wrong there!


      Thanks for any input.


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      In Elements I would use the 'save to web' facility and select background colour as CC99CC - as an example, it would then be the same every time.


      Whereas in Touch, that does not seem possible?