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    Audition Elements?

    C.R.Helmrich Level 1

      I was planning not to post anymore here, but then someone in another thread mentioned the idea of a "consumer/amateur" version of Audition, so:


      Sorry if this has been requested before in this forum, but after reading about the upcoming CC version I'd be happy if the following were available:


      A stand-alone (not cloud-bound, not monthly-payment) low-price and simple-to-use consumer version of Audition - let's call it Audition Elements.


      • Edit view only, no Multitrack view, no tools associated with multitracking
      • All the Edit-view tools of CC plus those missing since Audition 3.0
      • No CD burning, but would of course be a welcome addition
      • Other pro-features like scripting could also be optional
      • Fast file opening, analysis, and display as CS6/CC


      In short, a simple editor/analyzer/converter for mono, stereo and multichannel audio for all kinds of audio formats. Is anything like that planned?


      This would fit my needs perfectly. Maybe some other people's as well.