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    135GB AVI file won't load fully...

    sphynx808 Level 1

      Hello everyone.,


      I've a problem with a huge (135GB) uncompressed AVI video that just won't load fully in Premiere CS6 & CS5.5.


      The video length is about 17:30 minutes, it has custom dimensions (1680x995, it's a desktop capture), and it loads only 2:30 minutes of the footage.

      When i load it in VirutalDub or play on MPC-HC for example - it shows 17 minutes and play it (not so smooth since it's uncompressed, but it does recognize the real length of the video.)


      Is there a limitation on Premiere that i should know about, something in the Preferences that might prevent it from loading fully? Anything?


      Additional info - file is residing on an exrternal USB 2.0 HDD, and the premiere project files & previews or residing there as well.