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    Bug? Blurry Interface & Graphics in Flash CS6



      Just started using CS6 and have noticed a few glitches/bugs...


      When I load flash the interface will sometimes be slightly blurry as shown on the left (correct display shown on right). Resizing the menu and then returning to the original size tends to solve the problem. It's not a huge problem although it does strain the eyes slightly because they feel out of focus and try to adjust constantly. The same problem happens with some imported bitmap graphics but appears to be random. Dragging a new copy from the library generally fixes the problem. This is on a standard 1920x1080 monitor on Windows 7 x64.


      Also on the subject of bitmaps, is there any reason why copying and pasting an image from the web into Flash causes the rightmost pixels of the original image to appear on the left edge of the pasted image? It's a really weird bug that means having to go the long route of saving the image then importing it. I think the only version of Flash I've used that didn't have this problem was Flash 5 (as in Macromedia Flash 5, not CS5) I've seen the problem on multiple Windows 7 machines both 32 and 64 bit, but I haven't tried on any other OS.


      Anyone know of a solution to either of these problems?





      <-- Click the image to view full size (otherwise the whole thing looks blurry as it gets resized for the forum)


      flash-pasting.png<-- A screenshot of flash pasted into flash, notice the left hand side should be the edge of the screen but instead has the rightmost pixels of the flash window.