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    Premiere Pro CS6 and Presonus Firebox w/Matrox MXO2


      Good Day.


      I just installed the newest Matrox MXO2 Mini w/Max technology on my 64bit Win7 system. 
      Got my HDMI monitor working.  Yayy!  - seriously... that was a real problem a few months back, so I'm happy I can see my Output on that monitor.


      My problem is all of my audio is now piped over there too, and I'd much rather have the choice of mixing with my M-Audio speakers through my PreSonus Firebox, OR listening to it through the crummy speakers on my HDMI TV.

      I've gone into the Prefs>Audio Hardware and set it to the PreSonus, but that didn't help.

      I've scoured the www and YouTube, as well as these forums, the Presonus formums and even the Matrox forums and it SEEMs I'm alone in this configuration - or, at least, I can't find anyone with the same setup and same problems.


      Can anyone walk me through the setup of my Firebox to be used with PP CS6 (as well AE and all the rest)?  I'd be much obliged, as my frustration level has just about peaked at this point.

      Thanks very much for any advice, input and assistance you may be able to offer!