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    premiere elements  10




      a film made in adobe premiere elements 10.0 , can not be transported= exported  to tape (digital video) ,

        i can well import a video from tape to PC

        i'm  working with firewire( with texas instruments chip ) unther windows 7 64 bit

        camera  :  Sony DCR HC-1000E


      It well works fine with premiere elementens 3.0  !!


      Can you help ??


      Best regards,


      Frans Bryon


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          My comments on your issue come from what I have read. Based on that, I have searched online and have not come across any Premiere Elements 10 Windows Share/Tape problems.


          If you have not already, you might want to compare what you were doing in this regard using Premiere Elements 3.0/3.0.2 (where you say it works) with the details for Premiere Elements 10 Share/Tape in the Premiere Elements 10 Help PDF.


          1. Have you reviewed the Adobe details for the Share/Tape (Record to DV tape, described in depth in the Premiere Elements 10 Help PDF (around page 279 of 309)?



          2. Have you checked your Premiere Elements 10 project settings against the camera setting?


          Just some thoughts for now.