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    11.7.700.169 Error: "Adobe Flash Player 11.7 r700 has stopped working" -- HELP!!!


      I have encountered this problem many times now. Way to many to be anywhere near happy about. I can understand having an issue with it and looking up stuff on my smart phone instead. But this program is also affecting my online game World of Warcraft. I'm not happy.


      Anytime I open any program that uses the flashplayer, I get the pop up window of "Adobe Flash Player 11.7 r700 has stopped working", and then it force closes.


      I have repeatedly removed it, re-installed, you name it. It's not working.


      Here's my information:


      Browser:     Mozilla Firefox (20.0.1)


      Player:        Adobe Flash Player 11 (11.7.700.169)


      System:       Windows 7, Vista Home Edition with Service Pack 1


      Computer:  eMachine T525, AMD Athlon BE-2350 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 3100, 320 GB hard drive



      I have read other people having this issue, and reviewed the information given. 1 Adobe reply to the same issue as mine to a different person was:


      1. Chris Campbell,



        May 7, 2013 6:52 PM    in reply to miamiman55 


      To help troubleshoot we'll need the following system information:


      When reporting issues with video or audio, it's also helpful to get your system hardware and driver details.  Instructions for finding this information can be found here:


      Finally, sometimes video and audio problems are caused at a lower level and not directly related to Flash Player.  I recommend trying both of the links below to see how they perform.  If the problem exists with both, then Flash Player is most likely not the culprit as the HTML5 video link does not use Flash Player when playing.  You can verify the use of HTML5 by right clicking the HTML5 video and looking for the words "About HTML5" at the bottom of the context menu.



      I did the test at the bottom of this person's reply to test if I was having an issue with the HTML5 or not.  Both the 'HTML5 video' and 'Non-HTML5 video' ran perfectly fine for me.


      Please help! I'm losing my mind with this program! I've been having to deal with this for months now, and am getting really annoyed, and frustrated, especially since my calm down and chilling time after work, kids, and family is my playing WoW, and I can't even do that!