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    How do you make a multi-page PDF using the same form over and over?

    Alyssa Lang

      I made a PDF form and would like the same form to be in one PDF file 50 times. I'm using the form to grade student projects and there are pull down menus, radio buttons, and a comment box. Of course, the content will be different for each student. Right now, if I add another form to the file I get a message box: "Any form fields that have the same name in the merged documents are now merged into one field. If you want the values in these fields to be unique, then you need to create a PDF Portfolio instead of merging the files. To create a PDF Portfolio, choose File > Create PDF Portfolio." However, when I try to make a Portfolio, I can't edit the forms in the Portfolio document.


      Essentially, I don't want to manage 50 separate PDF files. I want all the forms in one file so I can scroll between each student's assessment easily.