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    Dynamic link is only working when AE project is open



      Every time I start up my project in premiere, all my footage loads, but wherever there is a dynamic linked after effects composition I just get the yellow "media pending graphic". If I attempt to relink these compositions to the original after effects project (there is only 1 project with about 7 comps in it), premiere just plainly freezes, and my only option is to force quit it.


      If I try to reimport that after effects project it freezes, and I have to force quit.I tried creating another after effects project with just a simple piece of text in 1 composition and then importing that, and it comes up with the dialogue box "import after effects compositions" but then it just does nothing but show a "connecting to dynamic link server" progress bar that never does anything.


      On other occasions, when I try to do any form of dynamic link import premiere just freezes, and I have to force quit. So there seems to be some issue for me with dynamic link, that has recently occurred. Can this be due to any After effects Scripts I have recently installed? Can they have an affect on dynamic link?


      SOLUTION:I have found a solution, but this is not ideal in case I had multiple After effects projects in premiere. I can open the 1 after effects project first, and then when I open premiere it links to the project and the individual compositions seamlessly. BUT if I close this after effects project whilst still working in premiere, premiere will freeze and I have to force quit it. So something is terribly wrong with this project.

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Try the following: quit both PrPro and AE, locate your Media Cache Database folder (check Edit -> Preferences -> Media... for the location) and manually delete all files in both Media Cache and Media Cache Files subfolders, then relaunch PrPro and let it rebuild Media Cache Database from scratch.

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            RickerC Level 1

            I took those steps and nothing has changed. Its even getting worse now. I opened up my 1 AE project so that I can actually open my Premiere project and have linking occur. I then sent a couple of clips to AE for some warp stabilizing, but warp stabilizer will not initialize, its throwing this error.


            "timed out obtaining dynamiclink server connection"


            So there is something crazy going on with my dynamic link. Very frustrating!

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              Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

              A couple of things to consider alongside with Dynamic Link:

              - what is your disk setup? Any chance you're using external drives?

              - what kind of footages are you editing? PrPro CS6 has some bugs related to AVCHD and Canon MXF files, with which you're seems already familiar, and the solution for which might be either transcoding or stepping back to CS5.5.

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                RickerC Level 1

                Ok I believe I found the solution.

                I first went through and deleted any third party after effects scripts/Script UI panels/third party plugins to see if that was causing any problems. I then tried again, and found it sitll had the same issue, so it wasnt due to that.


                I then found someone in a forum who mentioned deleting the Adobe folder that holds layout preferences and other stuff found in user/documents. I deleted this, and at the same time I forced quit 2 "aselflink" processes which seemed to be running in the background. I also deleted my AE preferences by holding Option + Shift on After effects start up and Premiere startup.


                A combination of all this, now has dynamic link working smoothly again. I will at a time not so crucial to getting my current project finished, reinstall scripts etc and ensure it was not being caused by them.

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                  I just encountered this problem. Working with CS5.5, using premiere, AE, photoshop and Encore. an immediate fix for me was to force quit all programs then I open AE FIRST, followed by Premiere. This fixed the media pending and I was back with the flow.