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    Quadro 5000 and Geforce


      hi everyone, I'm basicly using maya, nuke and sometimes adobe programs. my pc is 3 years old second gen i7, it's still good but I'm about to get a heavy project and it's time to get a new one for me.


      1- I need to learn if I can use geforce and quadro (sli or separate) cards on my desktop pc.

      drivers and programs will run okay?


      2- I'm about to get 3770k cpu and quadro 5000, but I can't decide what is best motherboard to use on this rig.




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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Welcome to the forums


          I gather nuke nd maya are games.  What Adobe programs are you using?


          I doubt there will be much difference between 2nd generation and third generation i7 chips what specific chip are you using?


          What is your reason for even considering using a Quadro board?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Making assumptions here, because you did not tell.


            1-st gen i7 is the i7-9xx

            2-nd gen i7 is the i7-26xx

            3-rd gen i7 is the i7-37xx


            All are quad cores with limited L3 cache, with the exception of the 960/970/980. The performance difference between 2-nd gen and 3-rd gen i7 is very small, especially since the 2-nd gen overclocks better than the 3770K. Further assumption is that you use normal 8 bit monitor(s), not high-end 10 bit monitor(s).


            The best card for video editing on such a system is the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. Around $ 160.


            In comparison the Quadro 5000 is around $ 1600, ten times the price and delivers around a quarter of the performance. It has a very outdated architecture, is extremely overpriced and is a mismatch for a gen 3 i7 system. In general, do not spend more than 7 - 10% of your total budget on a video card. Spending more will not lead to noticeable performance gains, but will deplete your wallet, without anything to show for it.


            If my assumption about the monitor is incorrect and you use high-end 10 bit monitors, then the Quadro K5000 would be the card to look at, but then the simple quad core CPU will be the wrong choice. You would need to move up to an i7-39xx CPU on a 2011 platform.


            SLI is not supported and two video cards on a 1155 platform will further decrease video card performance by around 10 - 15%. Mixing GeForce and Quadro cards is not a good idea. Why would you want that? The 650 can steer up to 4 monitors.


            Using Nuke and Maya does not change this advise.

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              aslanyurek Level 1

              yes, I'll be using 1x Eizo cg276 monitor as reference, 1x 8bit monitor, 1x 10bit rec709 tv, 1x 10bit projector. (might choose one of  projector / tv)


              why 3770k will be wrong with Quadro? as far as I know it's totally different hardware, as it's possible (and has own reasons) to use geforce, I could use quadro as well. So you say if I use quadro in my setup it's gonna slow down? if not why it's wrong? move up to first gen i7 is even stranger. could you explain it please?


              geforce is rendering much faster than quadro on nuke and adobe system but it works 8bit. so I wanted to use quadro for display and geforce for rendering.

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                RjL190365 Level 5

                Here's how GPU performance can slow down on an LGA 1155 platform: The CPU itself has only 16 available PCI-e lanes. Normally, all 16 of those lanes are fed to the GPU that's sitting in the primary PCI-e x16 slot. But on most LGA 1155 motherboards, if you add a second GPU, then the bandwidth of the primary PCI-e x16 slot will drop to only x8 bandwidth because the secondary PCI-e x16 slot would then steal eight of those PCI-e lanes from the primary x16 slot. (There are a few LGA 1155 motherboards that maintain x16 bandwidth in the primary x16 slot even with a second GPU installed - but that is because the "secondary" x16-length slot is actually only an x4 slot, run off of the P67/Z68/Z77 PCH in PCI-e 2.0 x4 mode, instead of directly off of the CPU.) (By the way, LGA 1155 CPUs have 20 total PCI-e lanes - but four of those are actually fed to the P67/Z68/Z77 PCH, making only 16 lanes available for GPUs.)


                And we've been advising against the Quadro 5000 because it is now two generations old, and as such outdated. In fact, it dates all the way back to 2010 when the first-generation hexacore i7, the i7-980X, was brand new (Sandy Bridge was not yet on the market back then). As a GPU, it is no faster than an old GeForce GTX 465 that it's based on because although both GPUs have 352 CUDA cores, the Quadro 5000's low actual clock speed of 513MHz (compared to the 607 MHz of the GTX 465) completely offsets the Quadro 5000's higher memory bandwidth of 120 GB/s (versus 102.6 GB/s on the GTX 465). Yet it still costs more than $1,500 new, even today. That's extremely severely overpriced for a GPU that's only going to be used in a secondary capacity, with the GPU going almost completely unutilized most of the time.


                Finally, there is the issue of driver compatibility: GeForce drivers generally do not work with Quadros, nor do Quadro drivers work with GeForces. And there is a good chance that the two drivers will conflict with one another, seriously affecting stability and performance. That is more likely to occur if the GeForce and Quadro cards are of two completely different GPU generations (for example, that Quadro 5000 that you're considering may clash with the GeForce 600-series GPU that's being used as primary). So, to minimize the risk of such conflicts, only consider a K-series Quadro if you need 10-bit output for a system that normally uses a GeForce GTX 600-series GPU. (This means that as a secondary output GPU for 10-bit monitors, a $400 Quadro K2000 or even a $200 Quadro K600 would suffice as a secondary output card.)


                And no, the LGA 2011 platform with its i7-39xx CPU is not a first-generation i7. It is actually considered a second-generation i7 (like the i7-3770K's predecessor, the i7-2600K/2700K).


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Most people want to have a 'balanced' system, a system where you do not overspend on one component, that is held back from good performance due a other components. Most people would not install a Formula 1 brake system or gearbox in a 50 year old Beetle, because it would be 'unbalanced'.


                  If you are using 10 bit material, which is quite demanding on a system, use high-end 10-bit monitors, and are willing to part with $ 1600+ on a high-end video card and using a $ 2600 monitor, you would expect that the rest of the system is equally equipped to keep everything in balance. I mean, would you consider installing a $ 30K gearbox  in a 1965 Beetle with only 34 HP and a top speed of 115 KM/h, hardly enough to get out of first gear?


                  A system with those monitors and a Quadro K5000 video card deserves at least the latest 6-core i7-39xx or dual Xeon E5-2687W CPU's, 64 GB of memory and a good disk setup with large arrays. All of these are impossible with an 1155 platform for the reasons Randall explained to you. So you will end up with a lob-sided configuration, that makes no sense to most people here.

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    The Quadro K2000 would be the better choice for just output. However the limitation on PCI-E channels may be a relevant factor with some applications outside of Adobe currently and may also effect Adobe's performance in the future.



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                      tfi productions 44 Level 1

                      hello,  i use 2 quadro 4000s with an i7 930 2.8ghz 24gb ram

                      and love the stability (especially now that i have the quadro temps back to normal)


                      my system is 3 years old

                      i tried mixing gforce drivers and quadro drivers...it worked intermittently at best

                      (which is why i got a 2nd quadro because i wanted 4 monitors)


                      the quadro 4000 might not be the fastest powerhorse on the block but it is a giant sea turtle

                      my computer has been running 24/7 for almost 3 years and never once have i had a problem with

                      2 quadros...for a year they were even running at 92C under load and never missed a beat


                      i think users at overclocker.net have ways of overclocking quadro4000s...


                      the reason i got the quadros in the first place was to do s3d work which makes them pretty necessary


                      cheers, j

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        S3D = Max?


                        or something else?




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                          tfi productions 44 Level 1



                          3d editing:  i thought s3d was the new buzz term for stereoscopic stuff...




                          any info on how PPRO/AE cs6 handles 3d material?

                          i'm trying to figure out if i should update to the academic version of cs6 boxed for a pc


                          i am looking for information anywhere i can get it...

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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            I would wait and see if that changes in coming Version.



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                              aslanyurek Level 1

                              is there any other chipset (mainboard) that doesn't divide the bandwith when using second gpu card?  afaik they all do that.

                              you are right with k2000, but question remains; can I use geforce as main gpu and quadro as just monitor output in same system?

                              as you told quadro is outdated, slow as turtle and is much more expensive. I want to use speed of gefoce and picture quality of quadro. even in nvidia faq and forums they don't say it's usable or not. they just say they must use same driver to avoid conflict, but then control panel options will be unavailable because both cards will effected.

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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                Do not try to mix GeForce and Quadro cards, since the drivers are different and you will encounter all sorts of problems. It is either two GeForce cards or two Quadro cards or a combination of a Quadro plus a Tesla card (the Maximus solution).


                                The X79 platform with the LGA 2011 socket has 40 PCIe lanes available, so you can use two video cards, each running PCIe-16x, plus an additional PCIe-8x card.

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                                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                  The Quadro Output with Geforce for GPU acceleration can work but the setup is specific now and can still have problems with updating drivers in the future and GPU acceleration Applications. It is up to you whether it's worth the trouble.


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                                    tfi productions 44 Level 1

                                    hello  @ Eric:  would you be so kind to explain the setup using 1 quadro 4000 and a geforce card

                                    or provide a link to said setup please


                                    i am interested in setting up 2 desktop systems each with a quadro and a geforce

                                    (the geforce will do most of the cuda work and the quadro will be used for the s3d material)


                                    this would be a neat combination


                                    cheers, j

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                                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                      Install Quadro Driver full installation via Wizard.

                                      Decompress Geforce Driver latest version but do not run Wizard install.

                                      Manually update Geforce Card driver via Device manager by pointing to Nvidia/Geforce folder

                                      Launch Nvidia Control Panel and set the GPU Acceleration to Geforce card only.




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                                        tfi productions 44 Level 1

                                        hi Eric,


                                        thanks for the info


                                        1.) could you also comment briefly on whether i should update 5.03 to cs6.03

                                        i use avchd from a canon hfs20 / windows 7/ i7 930 2.8ghz 24gb ram/ quadro 4000


                                        i am worried about

                                        avchd spanned clips,

                                        avchd 'laggy playback'

                                        mutlicam use issues,

                                        warp stabilizer issues,

                                        whitebalance 'match clip' issues


                                        i like that encore is 64bit ( i want to use x264pro)

                                        i like that audition is back in the mix (though it was added in 5.5)


                                        i am still trying to decide on whether to get teacher/academic 5.5 or update to teacher/academic 6.03


                                        i like that the senior engineer has popped up in the avchd 'spanned clip' thread

                                        so i'm probably gonna wait til june 17th thereabouts before i make a decision


                                        i'm really close to installing the PPRO 6.03 trial


                                        but i value your professional knowledge re: PPRO




                                        2.) how does x264pro work with PPRO/AME/Encore cs6?

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                                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                          I would either wait for the coming update in June via the Cloud or look at Cineform Studio Premium for the AVC Media. Cineform resolves most of the issues with AVC media in CS6 and offers some very nice features besides. I would suggest it even with the coming version change.


                                          264Pro is the future standard delivery because of the transition to 4K. I would suggest getting use to the workflow when you are dealing with greater than 1080P media.