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    Edge Suite for Wordpress: Animation not starting


      After many hours, I finally managed to implement our Edge animation in some way on our website, but the animation is not firing (clouds are supposed to float):


      (seems I have to press CTRL+F5 to force reload for it to load properly sometimes...)


      Here's the working HTML version for reference:



      Initially, Stage was 100% height and width, but I read that stage had to be fixed size for animations to work in Edge Suite, but after that change, I noticed no difference (source: comment at http://tv.adobe.com/watch/create-like-crazy-with-adobe-edge/episode-5-spice-up-your-wordpr ess-site-with-edge-animate/)


      I'm seeing this error in Firebug:

      TypeError: fillProp[1].match is not a function


      Line 112


      I manually added this line to the theme's functions.php:

      wp_register_script('Untitled-1', home_url() . '/Untitled-1_edgePreload.js', 'jquery', '1.7.1');


      I also called it in the custom header I made for the front page, before wp_head:

      <?php wp_enqueue_script('Untitled-1', home_url() . '/Untitled-1_edgePreload.js'); ?>

      <?php wp_head(); ?>


      And I tried both with and without CSS:


          /*position:absolute !important;*/

          /*position: absolute !important; *//* That is not pretty, but no way around it. */

          top: 0px; /* Aligns the animation with the top of the header (can be removed or changed) */

          z-index: -5; /* Sets animation as overlay, set to negative value for background placement */

          /* Only use the following if you want to center the animation */

          /*left: 50%; */



          /* margin-left: -346px; */ /* Half the width of the stage */



      I have tried all kinds of stuff (javascript and php hacks), but I am not sure if the issue is with my theme (it uses a lot of jquery stuff) or with Edge Suite for WP, or what it could be.


      Anyone got any clues?  Any help would be greatly appreciated