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    premiere cs6 unknown error during the project manager operation


      It appears this is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed by Adobe. 

      I remember back in CS3 this was an issue and it still appears to be unresolved.  I'm using a Windows 7, HP Z workstation with Quadro FX graphics card, plenty of Ram, with an efficient RAID system. I need to provide a complete project (with files folder & assets in a central folder - maybe even trimmed assets) to my clients.  The Project Manager create Trimmed Project continually fails, as well as Collect files and Copy to New Location.  Following the Adobe instructions, no screensaver, turn off Premiere Autosave, don't use other programs that will impact machine usage - the results are still the same - unknown error - PLEASE ADDRESS THIS ISSUE ADOBE ! ! ! ! So my question is, When will Adobe address this issue?