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    Is it worth upgrading PRE10 to PRE11 , is it any better ?


      Right now i'm running PRE10 and have been very happy with it and am still learning each time i use it . But Since CC has come out and alot will be forced to either stay put with the version they have now or upgrade to PRE11 while it's available or will have to go with CC and from everything i have read with me just being a Hobbyist it definitely is not convient cost wise for me to go with CC and i'm wondering is it worth upgrading to PRE11 from PRE10 ??

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Hello Ron,


          CC does not force anybody to do anything.  It is aimed at pros and very advanced armatures that need access to all Adobe's tools to make a living.


          Premier Elements 10 or 11 is for us amateurs.  As such, it is not scheduled to be part of the Creative Cloud with the "pro" stuff.


          Premier Elements and Photoshop Elements will continue to be marketed as consumer software.  And, so will Lightroom.


          A primary reason to upgrade from version 10 to version 11 was the inclusion of "full AVCHD support", meaning AVCHD 2.0.  In other words, if you shoot 1080p60 with your new Canon, version 11 has advantages.  If you don't shoot 1080p60, it won't make your experience much different.


          Version 11 has a new user interface.  Where 10 had tiny buttons and tools all over the screen, 11 has the same buttons and tools organized in tabs and menus.




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            ronlhodges Level 1

            I didn't understand that it was aimed at Pros only but i also have Cs5.5 Extended  and there is a Cs6 upgrade but from conversations what i have read is Adobe is not real interested in fixing bugs cause that it will be the last Cs product available in box cause it will be in the CC section . That worries me about upgrading .

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The Creative Cloud (CC) licensing applies to many Adobe programs (basically the CS 6 Master Collection, plus a few new additions), but not yet to PrE, or PSE. Those are still being sold as perpetual licenses.


              I have heard of no plans to alter the licensing of the two Elements programs, but that could obviously change.


              The biggest differences between the CC licensing and the old perpetual licensing structure, for those programs, is that one pays per month for the use of the programs, and must attach to the Internet once per month (minimum) for continuation of the licensing, and then ALL updates will be automatically delivered to the programs, when available. For those affected programs, there will be no download, or physical media versions, and no downloadable updates, and those programs will be "rented." If one drops out of the CC licensing, there may be penalties to pay, plus the programs will cease to work, at all.


              Most of those programs in the CC plan are on an 18 - 24 mo. lifetime cycle, and often have updates issued in that lifespan. The Elements programs are on an ~ 12 mo. lifetime cycle, and seldom have any updates in that lifespan. Also, the pricing from Adobe differs greatly between the CS 6 programs and the Elements programs. Still, if the CC plan becomes popular (not sure about that right now), then Adobe might consider some form of it for the Elements programs, but I rather doubt it - still, it could change at any time.


              For more reading, see these articles:







              There are many, many more such threads, so if one wishes to reseach, they should go to the various product forum and read.


              Good luck,



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Since Premiere Elements is not involved in this newly announced Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC) subscription matter and focusing on Premiere Elements 10 vs 11, have you given thought to downloading and installing the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 11 in order to decide whether or not this is a program that you need. Just a look see. You do not have to buy now if Premiere Elements 10 is meeting your current video editing needs. And, you do not have to uninstall Premiere Elemens 10 while you have Premiere Elements 11 installed on the same computer. Just use one program at a time. Assuming that there will be a Premiere Elements 12 come September 2013, the price for Premiere Elements 11 will be better as we near September 2013. Buy then if price is part of your considerations and you decide that you need version 11. There is always the choice to wait to see what new features are in the next version at its regular price.


                Premiere Elements 11 new interface can be challenging, especially when you are used to the interface of the previous versions. You might want to check out my very detailed account of Premiere Elements 11 in a First Look thread at a forum that I no longer visit nor answer questions.


                In most cases in that First Look writeup, comparison of Premiere Elements 11 is made to the prior version (Premiere Elements 10).


                Your interests in the CC products are another matter.





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  +1 for the Trial version of PrE 11.


                  This is especially true, IMHO, due to the GUI changes, that ATR mentions. Some love it, but some feel that it is too great a departure from PrE 4 thru PrE 10 (even with the GUI changes between those versions). The same feelings cropped up when Adobe changed the GUI between PrE 3 and PrE 4. In PrE 3, the GUI was closer to that of PrPro's, where PrE 4 was the first real "streamlining" of the GUI.


                  PrE 11 does add some useful features, and especially the "automatic" Project definition. With some footage, that is really useful to many. There ARE some new features, but then some "old favs" have been omitted, and some operations HAVE changed. Will those affect you? Only you can decide.


                  I am still working through the changes in PrE 11, so MY "jury" is still out. However, I am becoming more comfortable with it, but am not yet completely sold on the changes. That is just MY observation, and you might fall in love immediately?


                  Good luck,



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >also have Cs5.5 Extended


                    Would that be Photoshop?


                    If yes, Photoshop CS6 will be the last non-subscription version


                    As already stated, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements will not be part of the Cloud

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                      ronlhodges Level 1

                      Yes i have PS Cs5.5 Extended and i really do like it . I have several plugins i use that are Topaz Products cause of the type of work i play with at times . I know they have Cs6 Extended  But seems i don't even find it on their list in Products anymore so how does one check it out if they wanted to ?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Not sure how the trials will be conducted with the CC. I am not sure if that chapter has even been written yet?


                        Due to Adobe's major policy change, I would imagine that many products will disappear, except for the CC options.


                        Good luck,



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                          ronlhodges Level 1

                          I'm afraid also of that happening . All i'm interested in is Photoshop full and Elements and Premier Elements . I wish and hope that Adobe leaves thos 3 out of the cloud but i know Full PS is going to the Cloud so if i stay with Cs5.5 Extended that maybe my last update and if they put Elements in the Cloud that also will be my last update . I heard about the grounds of Cloud in the makings from other resources and on the Technology side they said that Cloud was the future , but i'm not really sure that this has been thought of thoroughly enough for long range planning cause not everyone that has bought Adobe products in the past can opt into this type platform . People like me for instance . To have a continuation of payments for the rest of your life if you wish to use the product can financially drain you even tho some maynot think so . Monthly $30.00 average x 12 months x guessing 10 yrs = $3600.00 for an individual assumming price lock for 10 yrs . Doesn't sound like much but use of product vers cost of 10 yr period i'm not sure that would be justifiable however for Pros in the business it would be . But the average consumer is locked out of choice to purchase maybe a one time deal because of the Cloud . I myself cannot afford to upgrade every year when something new comes out or a new version . I would be on a 2 or 3 upgrade period maybe depending my needs .

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                            Kopoos Level 1

                            I don't think Phootoshop Elements or Premiere Elements will go exclusively to the cloud... probably even not at all as it's geared towards the amature who would never pay for a monthly subscription it use it.


                            For those looking to upgrade, it's probably best to wait until Elements 12 is released (rumored to come in mid-September). Some of the new Photoshop & Premier Pro CC features (is a skimmed down form) may find their way into this release.