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    import results in name conflicts

      from one day to the other my flash app bahaves really crazy. When I publish the project I get 25 errors: The loaded class 'mypackage.myclass' conflicts with an already loaded class 'mypackage.myclass'. What does that mean? There are no identical names in my packages.
      Nonetheless, the first class (mypackage.myclass) is identical to the second one in the error message. Does that make any sense?
      I tried to comment out all declarations like var test:myclass. OK, of course classes that aren't in use can't cause any problem. Well, then I deleted all import-calls and changed var test:myclass to var text:mypackage.myclass (unsing the full qualified name of the class). Then it worked like expected. But for me it's not really a solution, because I would have to go through 35 class files and make these modifications.
      Furthermore I registered the following behaviour:
      On the top of a file there is a code line import flash.geom.Rectange;. But when I use the class Rectangle I get the error message "Class or Interface could not be found"!
      Of course this strange behaviour is very crucial to me... does somebody know the behaviour or how to solve it?