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    What event does FMS server fire when a clients starts/stops streaming


      I want to log activities on my stream (both live and recorded) using a web service I've made. In the FMS server side AS3 documentation I can find events for onconnect/ondisconnect, but that is not quite what I want. What I want is and event that fires when a user start viewing a stream, or stops viewing.  Today I'm using the following code:


      application.onConnect = function(client)


                client.getStreamLength = function( streamName ) {

                          LogStart('', this.id, this.ip, streamName);

                          return Stream.length( streamName );





      However not all clients uses the getStreamLength, so this does not realy work. The problem is that in the "onConnect" even I do not have access to the streamname, else I think I could have used this event.


      Thanks in advance