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    InDesign Color Proofing

    kcrossley Level 1

      I'm trying to develop an InDesign proofing workflow in an effort to get the most accurate colors possible. I'm currently using an Epson WF-7520 inkjet printer. Unfortunately, none of the the color profiles that come with this printer are CMYK. I've been doing some testing, but the combination of paper and inks are getting rather expensive. I'm hoping somebody who has gone through this process can share their expereince and recommendations.


      For example, since I'll be sending the printer a printable PDF is it more accurate to print a proof from the printable PDF or should I be printing from within InDesign? Also, are there any decent display/printer color calibrators?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In this regard I can give only one advice:
          proof always the file (in your case the PDF) that goes to the printers.


          For doing contract proofs you always need a digitial color wedge with measurements showing the deviance to a proofing standard.
          I guess, your EPSON will not provide something like that per se.


          Have a look for  software/hardware solutons  from GMG and other providers.



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            kcrossley Level 1

            Yes, that was Epson's response as well.


            Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat doesn't seem to give me control over where specifically the image is going to print. With InDesign I could set the image to print at the top of the page, the bottom, center, etc. That means I'll be wasting a lot of paper.