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    Para reflow


      Indesign CS6. In a 10 line paragraph, I have made a single letter change on line 9 and the paragraph has relowed from line 3 to end. This has occurred previously with similar changes. Anyone know why? The file was created in CS6.

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like you're using the "Adobe Paragraph Composer". This optimizes

          the spacing of words throughout the paragraph, avoiding wide word spaces

          on one line, and narrow spaces on the next. To do this, it sometimes has

          to readjusted the line breaks right from the beginning of the paragraph,

          and that may be what you're seeing.


          To avoid this, from the paragraph palette, choose "Adobe Single Line

          Composer". This will do the justification line-by-line, without looking

          at what came before and what comes next.


          However, be aware that unless you're planning to spend a lot of time

          lovingly adjusting the line breaks in each of your paragraphs, you'll

          get much better spacing by using the Paragraph Composer.