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    Help - Cutting Issue


      Hey there!


      I recently downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 trial and have found myself facing an issue that is quite important to me. I am currently using a Mac book.


      I wanted to make a music video. Being a DJ myself i know how important it is to be on time with the beat. When trying to cut the video file using the razor tool at a certain point it wouldnt allow me to. It would allow me to cut a bit to the left or right but not on the exact point i wanted. This is cruicial to me as i want the video on time with the beat.


      Whats up with this? Any information i could provide or a more in depth explanation please let me know as i really wish to use this program to its full capcaity if i purchase it.





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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You cannot cut a video smaller then 1 frame.

          However you can cut/move audio up to 1/48000 of a second.

          If you go to the panel menu (right top corner) of the timeline set it to Show Audio Time Units.


          show audio time units.png

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            Andrew_S Level 3

            This could be one of two things;

            Either you are not zoomed in far enough in the sequence to see the fine detail (select the sequence window and use the + - keys next to the 0 key to zoom in / out)

            or you have done this and are trying to cut between frames, which you cant to. You can only cut at the end of a frame, so each second is divided up into 24 / 25/ 30 / 50 / 60 "time units" the number depends on the frame rate of the video.

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              AgezIce Level 1

              Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.16.44 PM.png I=


              If you look close you can see where i want to cut. But it wont allow. This is normal? Cheers for the feedback