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    Flash player does not work with some headphones

    martin grove

      Hi everyone,


      Setup: Gigabyte M57SLI-S4, Athlon X2 5600+, XP pro 64, Realtek Azalia sound chip, Firefox


      Out of the blue my headphones started misbehaving on Youtube. On some channels the commentary was absent while the background music came through loud and clear. Where the commentary was audible, it was distorted, faint or garbled.

      On channels where there was no background sound the commentary was normal.

      Some channels were absolutely silent.

      On other media (VLC player, computer sounds etc) the sound is normal.


      All this indicated a software rather than a headphone problem. I reinstalled the drivers (Realtek v5.10.0.6642) as well as Flash player to no avail.

      Changing options in Control panel made no improvement.

      In desperation, I tried different headphones:...... NORMAL sound on Youtube!

      Changed back to original headphones...... problem recurred!


      It seems like Realtek senses a minor problem and registers it. Flash reads this and tries to compensate, only making problems worse.


      I also installed an old Soundblaster Platinum card and found exactly the same behaviour.


      I don't know what malfunction (if any) exists in the headphones.


      I'm reporting this in the hope that you may have a solution or may do a bug fix.


      Thanks Martin Grove.