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    Thick, horizontal lines appear in both source and program viewer footage set to less than 100% ...

    Dominic Witherow Level 1

      Can anyone help?


      This has suddenly started across all projects, including those I have been working on for ages with no issues.  Everything else seems to be exactly the same as ever in every other application, only PP is affected.  The footage is all progressive (I rarely encounter interlaced nowadays), prores HQ 25fps, usually 1080 but also 720.  Output to the monitor, via MXO2 mini is fine and has not changed at all.  I can't think of any updates recently, certainly not in the past week, when this started.


      It's really wierd and clearly wrong, but I can't begin to work out how to fix it, having exhausted all my standard fixes (settings in app, OS, hardware etc all checked and rechecked.  Reboots done - all to no effect).


      My system is:


      MacPro 5,1 6-core 3.33GHz

      12GB RAM

      GTX285 Mac GPU - CUDA 5.0.45, GPU driver (295.00.05f03)

      OSX 10.7.5

      PP CS 6.0.2

      MXO2 mini - latest drivers etc


      Any thoughts, much appreciated!