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    Dymanic keyframes?

    Simon Zettervall Level 1

      I have several placeholders where I have added keyframes for instance opacity fade up and down at the beginning and ending of the layer. If I replace it and the video is longer/shorter than the placeholder then the keyframes will not adjust. Is there some way to have keyframes move dynamically based on the video length? I looked into expressions to calculate the start and end time of the layer then fade in and fade out using the time but it was quite time consuming and inefficient, it would also be hard to write new code for say position versus have dynamic keyframes.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not sure what you have tried, but seems to me you could cover everything with valueAtTime() expressions. Not sure what you consider "time-consuming" and "inefficient" about 7 lines of code or so, but yes, of course expression evaluation will slow down things a bit. not sure I follow your argument about positions being more complicated - as long as you change only the timeing, not the values, the same expression could be used. anyway, without seeing what you have, it's impossible to judge and advisde on how to proceed. Otherwise you could always try time-remapping a pre-comp, where possible, of course....



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's an animation preset that I've shared several times on this forum. It is entirely based on the in and out points of a layer. You use it by setting the initial position of a layer. It doesn't' matter where it is. Then you apply the preset. You get a set of sliders on the layer to control the effect. Once the preset is applied the layer flys in from the left and bounces to a stop. Then just before the out point is reached the layer falls off the bottom of the comp. There are sliders to control the speed of the fly in, speed of the fly out, the amplitude of the bounce and frequency of the bounce. You can put it in a hundred layers and it doesn't show down anything. Take a look. It sounds like this preset which generates an expression and adds sliders could be the basis of any dynamic animation you want to set up. BTW, I have about 200 of these custom presets now that I've built up over the years. I sync them on all my machines through drop box. They save me hours and hours of time.


            The FFX is here.