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    apple script execute via do script (using javascript).

    csm_phil Level 4

      Hi Scripters,


      Can you any one please look into this and solve my problem.

      My request I want to delete the unused swatches in Illustrator, So that I used the apple script its working fine, the same code i want to execute via do script (java Script).


      The below Lines I used the Apple script its working fine in the MAC.

      After I save as the script file, and app file. I want to execute this from Illustrator using java script but its not working.



      tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


         tell current document

           do script "Delete Unused Panel Items" from "Default Actions" without dialogs

         end tell

        end tell




      var mege_excel = File(getScriptPath().parent+ "/ILLUS.scpt");

      app.doScript(mege_excel, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage);


      function getScriptPath() {

        try {

              return app.activeScript;

              }catch(e) {

                  return File(e.fileName);