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    Can't connect to the Web

      Ok here goes; We are a small 2 people nonprofit office. We want to start managing our web site ourselves. Currently it is done elsewhere with GoLive6. I haven't been able to find that so I have downloaded Contribute CS3 test version for 30 days to make sure it is going to work. I have used it in the past at another location and found it very easy to use. The things I don't know are these; 1) How to answer the question "How do you connect to your web server?" I believe this is a Local connetion, not an FTP and we are not networked. So when I select Local/Network, it asks - What is the Network path to your website? I don't know how to answer this one. Everything I have try gets my " Contribute cannot verify your network connection information, contact your Administrator"

      Simply put I guess, is - How do I find out the path/network connection information to my website?
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          ThinkInk Level 2
          Where is your website hosted? Usuallly you have an internet provider that has some server (computer) where the data of you website is stored and made available to the web. He can provide you with the proper connection settings for FTP.

          Usually you will have to connect to that server by FTP (file transfer protocol). You need the ftp address, the ftp-username and password to make that connection in Contribute. Usually you got this information when you opened the account with your provider.
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            net2Community Level 1
            With more information we can probably help you out. Something doesn't make sense to me... if the site is local, do you have a web server? if you are "not networked" how do you connect to the internet?

            I suspect if you really are not networked you probably have your site hosted somewhere and your local machine is connected to the internet via modem, DSL, or digital cable. Chances are you do connect via FTP and you need to get those settings. You may be via whatever your control panel your website hosting company has available. Whoever put the website up should have these settings or access.

            Contact me further if you like and I can point you in the right direction. via www.net2community.com

            - bob