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    InDesign [CS6][JS] DataMerge


      I'm trying to use Javascript to do a datamerge in InDesign. So far I'm able to have a file dialog to browse to my tab delimited txt file and have that loaded as my data source. I'm also able to set options for "DataMergePreference".


      function main() 
      var myDoc= app.activeDocument;
      var myDataSource = File.openDialog("Please select a datamerge source", "Text files:*.txt");
      if (myDataSource != null) {
          myDoc.dataMergeProperties.dataMergePreferences.recordsPerPage = RecordsPerPage.MULTIPLE_RECORD;


      What I would like to achieve is being able to have full control what datamerge field goes where, but after the code above I have no idea to to proceed (I'm a coding newbie). Anyone that could point me in the right direction? I know there's a reference library online at http://jongware.mit.edu, but I'm really struggling with interpreting the correct syntax.


      Thanks in advance!