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    "Export classes in frame x" in AS3: how does it work?

      My steps:
      1. I have some beefy classes
      2. I want my SWF to show a preload anim while it loads these classes
      3. Using the "Export classes in frame: " option, I move my classes to frame 10
      4. I put a stop(); on the first frame and test w/ the bandwidth profiler visible.

      Desired + expected behavior:
      1. My preloader spins, and I have minimal K on the first frame and then the main hit on the chosen export frame.

      Observed behavior:
      1. all of my classes are available on the first frame (ala, all of my logic can be performed on the first frame, even though the framehead is sitting firmly on frame 1)
      2. there is still a spike in K on the output frame

      - am I just missing the point here? Is this how it always worked?
      - why is the Document Class available in the first frame? Is this mandatory w/ the new structure?

      Thanks for your time and help-