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    Is it a way to find out which secure zone user belong to?

    Jinesh Vora

      So we have three secure zones on website.


      1. Basic User
      2. Intermediate User
      3. Premium User


      Based on where user belong to we would like to show accurate user menu upon him/her logging in the website.


      Currently we have a module to find out if  ANY USER has logged in or not - {module_isloggedin}. Is there similar type of module or functionality to find out which secure zone this user belong to - something like {module_securezonebelongto}, which returns an ID for secure zone using which and with some help of JS we could manipulate user menu options.


      I am sure many of us are looking for similar option and some might have found a solution for this.


      Can you please share your thought(s) and idea(s) for this one? I really appreciate your input.