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    Offending operator: '1096.s'

    flytystix777 Level 1

      I've been having some difficulty in rectifying this issue. It only recently started happening and to a file that is of great importance to me.


      Since it happened and I continue to open the file 3 weeks worth of work with and outside the workspace vanished.

      I've noticed some forums where 'Enable Content Recovery' was recommended.

      I've followed these steps until I reach the _activefile.ai open in Text Wrangler.

      I've found the questionable text.

      (but herin lies the problem)

      I am not quite sure how much of this text I should delete. Where to begin and end. And I know this is important because one thing deleted or kept in extra I will have to continue to repeat until I get it right.



      I've attached the 'error message' along with a large group of the Post script text with the exact Offending operator error line highlighted.


      If someone, Anyone can please reply with the exact verbiage to delete, in from here to here terms, I would greatly appreciate it. Recovering any lost data would be of tremendous value to me. I thank anyone in advance who cares to take their time to assist me.