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    Pop-up message 'PhotoshopElementsSyncAgent.exe- No Disk


      Please help me stop this very annoying and extremely bothersome pop-up message that occurs EVERY 30 seconds, over the top of any work [You cannot minimize it nor click on your work to bring work page to the top. I work away a lot and upon turning my computer on and going into Elements 7 I was informed of the transition to Rebel. The opt out date had already gone by. Shortly after I kept getting this annoying warning box pop-up every 30 seconds even when Elements is not running! Inside the box the note says 'There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk2\DR2.'    [The other day was exactly same message except Harddisk4\DR4] It is bad enough if this was just with using Elements but it is constant making work impossible and extremely frustrating that Adobe Technicians cannot be reached to and told to refer to forums! When I contacted live help I was told it was beyond their scope!! Please can I have some help so that I may use my computer for work when I am home. I don't want Rebel, I don't want to sync my photos, I have my own storage. I would also like someone from Adobe to get in touch with me. Thanks