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    Problems with rollover button states for multi-state objects

    OOlala_28 Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I'm creating a product presentation that will be used as an interactive SWF file.

      I'm having trouble with rollover button states. Here is a description of what I'm trying to achieve: I have created an interactive product display panel that when the user hovers/rolls over a button, the switch rotates to the desired test type position,  as such (I'm in CS5):




      When I'm in the preview panel testing this out, the multi-state objects do not animate as I glide over the buttons.
      However, it  works if I rollover on a button then rolloff, rollover again on another button and rolloff again, so on and so forth...



      Is this because the buttons are too close to eachother?

      Any workaround I should know about?


      Any help would be appreciated!