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    Framemaker 9 glitching forces me to restart frequently and interrupts my workflow


      I've been running into this problem off and on for a while. I've seen this across multiple laptops, Windows XP and Windows 7. I don't use FrameMaker in structured mode. Basically, I will be working on files in framemaker 9 from anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two and suddenly the text I am working on will glitch and usually change to a weird or distorted looking font and then when I scroll the page at all, all the text on the page glitches and the row that was at the edge of the screen will just repeat over and over as I scroll. I then have to quit. The save dialogs and any warning messages that come up don't actually display, but I can still save and/or hit escape to close out the dialogs and close the program. Then, once I reopen framemaker and the file I was working on, it will look normal and frame will behave for as long as it feels like until it decides to stop working again. I've tried multiple times using the "repair installation" option in the install dvd. I have no idea what the problem is as there doesn't seem to be any particular thing I do to cause this. I'm not sure of this is a problem with my frame installation, if my .fm files are corrupted, or what the problem is but at the moment I dont' seem to be getting more than 5-10 minutes of stability before I have to restart. Has anyone encountered something like this before? Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.