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    Update existing form


      We've created a form on FormsCentral, and it's working very well. We'd now like to add a reset button to the form.  I know we can do this in Adobe Acrobat to the base form we created before bringing it into FormsCentral, but I don't want to lose the form information we already have for the existing form that FormsCentral is tracking.


      Can we update the form we have without losing all the response information?  I suppose I could re-import the information into FormsCentral from an excel sheet or other if the existing information isn't carried forward, but I'd like some feedback on this before I start making changes to the form and the information collected.

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          You can update the form without loosing all of your data.  If you remove a field from the form, the column associated with that field will be deleted.  It is always advisable to export your responses before making any edits.  What I suggest you do is to add a new sheet in View Responses (menu Insert-> Sheet).  Then copy the Response table and paste it's contents into the new sheet.  Then you need to select all of the reponse rows in the Response Table and delete them (being careful not to delete the row with the field names).  In this way you will have your old data and the Response Table will be cleared out and ready to receive new submissions.



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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



            It sounds like you are distributing your FormsCentral form in PDF and want to edit that PDF before continuing distributing adding a "Reset Form" button which you would do in Acrobat - is that correct?  Assuming it is, you could do this by doing a "Save a Copy" in Acrobat which will remove the Ubiqutization (enabling rights in Reader), you could then edit the form adding the "Reset Form" button, re-do the Reader Enabling and then send the form out.  We don't explicitly support editing the PDF but as long as you don't modify form in a way that breaks the submit you should be OK.


            Regarding Importing your PDF back into FormsCentral and having to re-import your data into that new form, you would also lose the ability to edit your form further in FormsCentral and you would lose the URL to fill the form out in a web browser.  The Import PDF Form feature is best for existing forms you do not want to re-create using our design tools, but they don't have a URL to fill out the form, and are not editable.  You are going to get better results by editing the PDF in Acrobat and then re-ubiquitizing it. 


            Let me know if I understood correctly, hope this helps.




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              mouwallace2 Level 1

              Josh, Jeff,


              Thanks for your responses.  It sounds like between the two of you, we have a path.  In both cases, it sounds like we can't just substitute a form for an existing form to continue the information.  We can use Jeff's suggestion to copy the information into a new sheet.  We can use Josh's instructions around adding the reset button.


              It would be nice to upload the form and 'replace' the previous one, but I bet that it just doesn't work that way.  It is a fabulous service, it's doing exactly what we need.