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    Keystroke: select all opaque>copy to new file?


      There used to be a PS keystroke combination that would grab all opaque pixels and cut to a new layer/document. The keystroke consisted of at least four keys! Its been years since I used it, but I would really like to utilize it again for some ongoing projects.


      Where this function really shined was taking an etching/woodcut image and ripping its linework to a new layer (or document?), with transparency allowing painting beneath that layer. It also seemed to be way more effective than manualy using Threshold > Select > Similar, because the Threshold command is nowhere sensitive enough for this kind of execution.


      To show an example of the art, please see the following etching piece (Dore): http://uploads7.wikipaintings.org/images/gustave-dore/paradise-lost-9.jpg


      Threshold on art llike this will either destroy finer structures, or oversaturate. The keystroke I used worked *flawlessly*. This was some time ago, well before the CS versions of PS were released.


      To iterate, I'd like to isolate the linework from the background, and either delete all the white, or rip the black to a new layer/document.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Are you sure it was a shortcut key combo and that it created a new layered document.  I know of shortcuts that will dupe a layer and create new layers and stamp all visible layers into a layer however I do not know of a standard shortcut that creates new layer documents. Shortcuts can be added and assigned to commands and actions etc. These can dupe the document actions and scripts can do many thing. Are you sure what you remember was a standard Photoshop feature.

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            The only default shortcut i can think of is Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Shift+Cmd+Option+E) for stamp visible to a new layer.

            Before cs2 one had to make the blank layer before using the shortcut , so that would have been Ctrl+Shift+N and then Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E.


            Or maybe Shift+Ctrl+J for new layer via cut

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              After reading your post again and assuming your image is in grayscale mode this might be what your thinking of:


              Ctrl+Alt+1 selects all the white areas  (Ctrl+Alt+3 on photoshop cs4-cs6)


              Ctrl+Shift+I inverts the selection so the black lines are selected


              Ctrl+J Layer via copy sends the black lines to a separate layer



              What version of photoshop and operating system are you using now?