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    work on more clips at the same time (premiere elements 11)


      Question: is het possible to change the colour / ad the tool videostabilisation on 2 or more clips at the same time?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          If I understand what you wish to do - basically apply the same Effects to multiple Clips, then here is the workflow:


          Apply the necessary Effects to the first Clip, and adjust them, as is necessary. When done, Rt-click on that Clip (the one with the applied Effects), and choose Copy. Now, Select any other Clips, to which you wish to apply those same Effects, Rt-click on that/those Clip(s), and choose Paste Effects & Adjustments. Those Effects, and their settings, will be applied to the other Clip(s). Note: one can then individually make adjustments to the Pasted Effects, if necessary.


          Good luck,



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            P1965 Level 1

            In addition to Bill's tip,  be sure that the timeline indicator is at the very first frame or start, of the clip to be pasted to,... otherwise the pasted effects and settings will start where ever the indicator is at..... (at least I have found this is the case for me)


            ... just my twocents and.hope that makes sense....

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Could you give your suggestion another look. I have not found the position of the Timeline Indicator to be a factor in this, at least the way I do it.


              Generalized Approach

              1. Right click the first Timeline clip to which the effect has already been applied, from the pop up menu, select Copy.

              2. As you hold down the Shift Key of the computer main keyboard, click on each clip that you want to have the same effect OR with your mouse cursor draw a rectangle around the clips in order to select the ones that you want with the same effect as the first, then select Paste Attributes (if version earlier than 11) and Paste Effects and Attributes (version 11) from the pop up menu..


              I have found that it is the clip selection that is essential in this task, not the position of the Timeline Indicator.


              Please think about the suggestion.





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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                I am with you on this.


                As the initial Clip, the one with the adjusted Effects, is Rt-clicked upon, to choose Copy (for those Effects and their attributes), and then, the "target" Clips are also Selected, then Rt-clicked upon, before choosing Paste Effects and Adjustments (was Paste Attributes in previous versions), the placement of the CTI (Current Time Indicator) has not made a difference for me.


                Now it does, if one is dragging a Clip to the Timeline, or is creating a Title, but those are totally different operations.


                I would like to hear more, so that I understand the reference to the CTI.





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                  P1965 Level 1



                  I will try to explain what happened to me when I tried to paste effects.


                  I copied the keyframe effects from the first clip, (selected the clip, right click, copy)  Then selected the target clip and didn't pay attention to the postion of the timeline indicator which was about 1/3 of the way into it.

                  Subsequently, when I then selected "paste effects and adjustments" to this target clip, it did so, but the effects then began at that point where the timeline indicator was at.


                  So for a timing eg:  Say the both clips are 10 seconds long with all the effects at the beginning within the first 5 seconds.

                  The indicatior was at about the 4 second mark in the target clip when pasting and that's where the 5 seconds of effects from the first clip started.  (about 4 seconds in)


                  Since I didn't know about the shift key technique, I just discovered that moving the timeline indicator to the beginning of the target clip (first frame) and re-do the procedure, it resulted in the correct position and timing etc.