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    Interactive PDF so buggy?

    Cuwen Level 1

      Hello.  I use InDesign CS5.5, and I've been working on making an interactive PDF for a few days now.  I know I'm doing the links right along with the bookmarks.  I make a bookmark of the entire page I'm on.  Then, I go to the thumbnail image I want to serve as a button and make the thumbnail into a button.  I choose the option "Go to Destination".  Then, I select the correct bookmark.


      This works for most buttons.  However, usually there is always a few that take me to the wrong place.  And I know I make the bookmarks and button destinations correctly because I'm very careful about it.  If all my buttons were wrong, I would think it would be my fault.  But some buttons work sometimes and others don't work at different times.


      I've read on some forum posts that this just seems to be a buggy feature of InDesign CS5.5.  Has anyone found any workarounds or any help?