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    Flash player not loading websites like pandora or memrise


      On those websites, the flash player just continues to load until the website times out. I've done the pandora troubleshooting, and I've reinstalled the flash player multiple times. The only thing that worked for awhile was uninstalling and reinstalling chrome. However, if I happened to close chrome, it would not work the next time I started chrome. I have no idea why. I tried firefox and internet explorer and went through the adobe page on proper installation for them as well. I've deleted all cache data, and changed my settings in chrome to clear browsing data, I disabled ad block, I have plugins set to run automatically, I have memrise and pandora allowed in the pop up blocker.


      Here is the plugin information from chrome:

      Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version: 11.7.700.179

      Shockwave Flash 11.7 r700


      I also tried disabling my avg and spybot from running too, but that didn't work either.


      I also tried running chrome as administrator.


      I restarted my computer multiple times while attempting to fix this.


      I cannot think of anything else to do.

      Please help me!