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    Why clipping paths disappear after updating images

    Oprem Level 1

      InDesign CS6, OS X 10.7.5, Mac Pro. We have a workflow where we use low-res, prepress-provided, EPS FPO images with clipping paths for production. Later, they're replaced by a hi-res version for output at the color house. Today we started seeing that a good number of those images, after they show up as "modified" for some reason, lose their clipping paths after updating them in InDesign. However, files themselves stil DO have the paths, only the InDesign somehow "decides" to not see them any more. Image boxes, as a result, fill opaque - no more clipping. The only way to go back where we want those images is to re-place them anew into the file. Simply re-linking to files does not help! This is becoming quite a time waste in a hurry! Does anyone know what is going on here?