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    In Webhelp, which file creates the basic skin?


      I am updating a Webhelp project using RoboHelp HTML 10. I have to use a development change control system (TrueChange) that requires checking all the existing help files out of the change control system, replacing them with updated files from the Webhelp folder, and then checking all the new help files back into the change control system.


      I ran into a snag when I tried to check in two new .png graphics files—the change control system won’t accept .png files. I converted them to .jpg files, but I need to know which Robohelp file is calling them so I can edit that file and reupload it to change control. The two graphics are right and left arrows to go with Forward and Back options at the top of each screen. Is whskin_homepage.htm the only file that gets changed when I substitute rtarrow.jpg for rtarrow.png, and leftarrow.jpg for leftarrow.png?


      Any help would be appreciated!

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi. You'll need to edit the skin file inside your RoboHelp project. If you look inside the Project Setup pod your skin will be listed there. Just double click on it and the Skin Editor is displayed. It sounds like from what you are describing that you'll need to edit the "Previous" and "Next" buttons listed in the Nav Bar section of the Skin Editor. Click the Edit button (see below) select the Custom option and select your enabled and disabled image.


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            Crossfinn Level 1

            Thanks for responding. I had done that, and the buttons appeared correctly in the folder that held my WebHelp project. But then I had to copy the files that contained that changed information to my staging folder for the development change system, and that was the problem--I couldn't figure out which of the many RoboHelp files needed to be copied over. As an FYI to anyone else who runs into this arcane problem, I discovered by trial and error that whskin_tbars.htm was the file I needed. With the updated version of that file in my staging area, the changed buttons appeared; without it, they didn't.


            Thanks again!