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    "Convert to timeline" missing button

    AgustinnaGn Level 1

      So, first of all, so sorry for my english, my first lenguage is spanish so you'll find a lot of non-scense sentences and also, grammatical errors.

      Here's the thing. I was making and editing a gif, following all the steps from a tutorial, and one of them is about how to "sharpen" the screencaps without sharpening every single one of the frames and layers. It seems that all the photoshop versions have on their animation window, this button 


      But I don't have it. This how it looks my photoshop:


      I use to have before I dowloaded the english version of cs6, the spanish version, and it doesn't have that button either (I think)

      The question is, is there a problem with my version of cs6? How can I fix this?


      And again, sorry for my english.