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    Flex deloyment?

    mark416 Level 1

      I work with developement server and production server.but the two server have different structure.for example CFCs are in different folder.May I just copy swf to production server after I finish the coding in development server.


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          davidmedifit Level 1
          First of all, are you using ColdFusion remoting to access your data? (You should be, if you have the choice)

          The problem is in the naming of the path to your CFC

          For example, if you reference the CFC as "components.example.mycode.cfc" and that's where it is on Dev, but on production the CFC is in "special.folder.mycode.cfc"

          There really isn't a great answer for this - but you have two choices:

          1) Place your SWF in the same directory as your CFC's - this really isn't a good idea, or good practice, but then again, you have different environment structures between your dev and production machines, so I think we're way past "best pratices" discussions ;-)

          2) Test your SWF, and before you deploy it to production, change the path to the CFC's and post it live - pray you don't typo!

          Anyone else think of a better answer (besides having production mirror dev, that is)?


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            My network guy can answer this better than I can but he used:

            Scenario #1 “Use the default remoting destination, ColdFusion”

            You change the "services-config.xml" to tell your application where everything is.

            Also a another very good example is: