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    help with inserting a light AE


      hey guys, im sorry to be starting a thread about this here, but ive done quite a bit of search through google and on here and havent found anything, maybe i dont know the proper terminology for what im trying to do, youd think this would be relatively easy but i guess its not.



      anyway, this is what im trying to do. AE cs4



      im trying to recreate a light passing through a hole like how the sun would pass through a hole in the ceiling in real life.


      simple right? i cant figure it out, i tried using shine but that doesnt work on 3d layers, so youre looking at the light from the front while the light is passing through the hole at the top.




      bonus points if anyone can tell me how i could create a Icosahedron in 3d layers without the use of other 3d software or maybe point my way towards something basic i can import and animate in AE..



      thank you

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          Klaus_Brandenburg Level 2

          as for volumetric light you need to use trapcode lux or use expressions to link the 2d shine to a 3d light.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You can fake volumetric light with a masked and blurred solid set to add or screen, with the beam effect blurred, with Trapcode Lux (simulates real light volumetric light from AE lights) or by masking and bluring an adjustment layer with color controls. Give us a screenshot and somebody will probably give you a solution.


            As for constructing your Icosahedron the Wkipedia page gave you the solution. It's just a matter of laying out solids that are the right shape, adjusting the anchor point and then rotating and parenting. There's even a perfect layout template. Just download it and then create some solids that are masked and stacked to fit this shape exactly. Set the anchor points to matching edges, rotate, parent, rotate, parent, rotate, parent until your Icosahedron is complete.



            There is also a vector graphic on the wikipedia page.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You can fake volumetric lights with all sorts of conventional tricks like stacking multiple circles to create nicely fading point lights or in your case using a radial wipe and effects like CC Radial Fast Blur and similar to create light cones. As Rick suggested, an Icosahedron is just a bunch of equilateral triangles that are all connected. Should be easy to put together...



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                DIAS66 Level 1

                hey rick thanks for your response, i got the volumetric light down. im not so sure i understand the icosahedron part, is that image you attached the template i should follow to construct the platonic solid?