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    Check box after checking multiple boxes


      Hi, I am looking for some help. I am new to Javascript, and am currently building on my limited knowledge. What I would like to do is have a checkbox to be marked as "Yes" after marking multiple checkboxes as "Yes".


      From my very limited understanding, I thought this was the way to go, but obviously not...


      var one = this.getField("cb1").value = "Yes"

      var two = this.getField("cb2").value = "Yes"

      var three = this.getField("cb3").value = "Yes"

      var four = this.getField("cb4").value = "Yes"

      if (one.value = 'Yes' || two.vaule = 'Yes' || three.value = 'Yes') { four.value='Yes' } else if {four.value='off'}


      Anyone one with ideas? Many thanks